Meet Sir W. Merino

Welcome to a world where quality meets style, where tradition meets innovation, and where our heritage meets yours.

The Sir W. Core Collection

Made with 100% Australian Superfine Merino, we have blended a classic touch and modern feel in a fabric that you’ll love. 

Our core collection was curated to elevate your everyday look and introduce the luxury of Merino.

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See what our customers have to say!


Incredibly comfortable. I've never had a shirt keep this good all day

Will B

Sydney, AUS


Amazing, the fabric is so smooth! I never thought wool could be like this.

Evan V

Austin, TX


Very, very comfortable shirts.

Ged W

Sydney, Aus


I love them. Natural fibrers are always best - breathes well in the heat.

Tim R

Austin, TX


I never knew wool could feel like this. It feels softer than cotton


New York, NY