Our Story

We are an Australian-born brand with roots deeply embedded in family heritage and the rich and timeless tradition of growing Australian Merino. With a focus on high-quality fabrics, our garments are a testament to our dedication to excellence, combining classic design with modern functionality.

Our purpose is simple; continue our family tradition that has stood for over a century. Sir W. Merino is not just a brand; it’s a symbol of our unwavering commitment to heritage, sustainability, and the enduring grace of Merino wool.

A note from our founder

The story begins in 1903, when my great grandfather Sir Walter was given a portion of his father's sheep flock for his 21st birthday. He then began his own flourishing Merino wool business from the ground up, and in 1954, he was knighted by the Queen of England for his progressive contribution to the Merino industry. For over 115 years my family has continued to foster the same Merino business running in my hometown; Boorowa, Australia.

Growing up on our Merino sheep farm in rural Australia, I have always been amidst the craftsmanship and heritage that is Merino wool. It has been the central focus of our family enterprise for 4 generations, which in turn gifted me a deep connection and understanding of the multi-faceted, wearable nature of Merino wool.

I quickly learned through my tutelage in my family business that Merino wool outperforms just about every material on the market. I soon found value in the wool's incredibly soft nature and its versatility for all climates. It’s ability to be regrown by Merino sheep every year offers a fully renewable and sustainable fiber for clothing. As the world faces the threatening rise of plastic pollution from fast fashion, wearing natural fibers like Sir W Merino is an obligatory step in the right direction. 

Bottom line, I founded Sir W Merino with the belief that people should be able to adopt clothes that are intentional for their body and for our planet. 

Sir W Merino creates high performing yet adaptable pieces that are deliberately designed to keep the wearer comfortable and confident in the office, on the golf course, during travel or out to drinks with friends. I personally found a gap where comfort came at the cost for excellence in clothes. Sir W. Merino answers this call.

Every fiber in a Sir W. Merino garment follows a journey that can be traced back to historical beginnings on Australian wool farms. Each clothing item allows me to personally extend an invitation to the wearer by connecting them to the heritage of  Australian Merino wool and introduce them to the brilliance of wearing it. 

- Jock