Why Our George Polo is Selling Out.

Why Our George Polo is Selling Out.

The first ever Sir W. product available was our George classic polo. A lightweight, 100% Merino wool fabric with a stylish 4 button placket which gives the shirt a more vintage and classic look. So many of our customers comment on how many compliments they get on their shirt.

Named after our founder’s father, the shirt was designed to bridge the gap between performance and fashion. And not performance the way synthetic brands use it, real performance. The type that comes naturally to Merino wool through thousands of years of evolution and the careful art of woolgrowing.

The performance we refer to is multifaceted. Firstly it’s the feel, super soft to the touch with a handle unlike any man-made fiber can produce.

Then comes the initial wear, this is when the garment will adjust to your body and the natural drape of Merino wool will allow the shirt to fall effortlessly to the cut of your shoulders and body.

Next is what we refer to as ‘comfort’, not to be mistaken with the softness of the fabric. Comfort is how the garment keeps you, the wearer, feeling a stable, comfortable temperature throughout the day as you wear it.

This is where our George Polo is superior to other polos. The natural breathability, sweat-wicking and quick-drying of Merino wool takes whatever climate you’re in and deals with it to keep you a comfortable temperature.

By reducing the moisture trapped between your skin and your shirt, it allows your skin to dry and cool off in warmer temperatures. Alternatively, in cooler weather, the crimped nature of the fiber allows air to trap and warm next to the skin.

Finally is the performance aspect that is unrivaled by all fabrics. This attribute allows our shirt to be worn day after day without washing. It is natural anti-bacterial nature of Merino wool.

Odor causing bacteria are what cause synthetics and cotton to smell so bad after wear as they break down your sweat, causing the odor, and then continue to live on your shirt even after you’re done wearing it.

These bacteria can’t survive on Merino wool, meaning our shirts stay smelling and feeling fresh even after days of wear.

So if you haven’t already, try one of our shirts and experience the true difference and luxury of Merino wool over man-made and synthetic fibers.